State Highway 550 is designed to serve as a quicker and safer route for commuters and commercial traffic

The CCRMA is aware of the increase in users for cyclists, riders and construction equipment operators on the toll road, which has raised safety concerns.
The CCRMA has closely monitored the increase in traffic on SH 550 along with the current use of cyclists, riders and construction equipment operators in certain segments of the road.

Bicycles or tricycles, with or without motors, motor-driven cycles (but not including motorcycles as defined in Section 541.201 of the Transportation Code), including motor scooters, and mopeds, are not permitted on the main-lane roadways or main-lane shoulders of CCRMA toll facilities at any time.

Also, rollers, graders, power shovels, tractors or other construction or farm equipment, either self-propelled or in tow of another vehicle, unless such equipment is either (1) truck mounted, and such truck can be operated at a minimum speed of 45 miles per hour while traveling on the main-lane roadways of CCRMA operated toll roads, weather and road conditions permitting, or (2) owned or controlled by the CCRMA or by any contractor in connection with the performance of work authorized by the CCRMA;

Frank Parker, Jr., Chairman of the CCRMA Board of Directors stated, “The toll road is designed for vehicles traveling 70 mph, which makes the road highly unsafe for pedestrians, cyclists and any of the above prohibited modes of transportation, therefore, we ask them to stay off the road as a matter of safety to the rider”.

In the coming months, the CCRMA will be releasing information on plans for enforcement and signage regarding prohibited users.

The CCRMA was created in 2004 with the purpose of developing transportation projects to spur economic development, improve quality of life, improve safety and mobility, relieve congestion and ensure efficient trade corridors.


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