TPS|CCRMA is the Customer Service Center for the SH 550 toll road
managed by the CCRMA.

On December 2016, the CCRMA officially launched a new local Customer Service Center (CSC). The local CSC provides many benefits to
customers, including new account management features, additional payment options, a user-friendly customer website, customer
correspondence and reporting capabilities. Customers gain convenience with direct communication to a local Customer Service
Representative in the Valley.

On October 21, 2021, the CCRMA launched the new Fuego Tag. With Fuego Tag accounts, customers will have additional benefits including
discounted toll rates, automatic toll deductions from your prepaid balance, a windshield sticker tag, user friendly online access to manage
your account and support from TPS Customer Service Center located in Rancho Viejo, Texas.

For more information on the SH 550 toll road and toll rates, visit the SH 550 project page.

Received a bill in the mail?

To make a payment for usage of the SH 550, please visit

         CCRMA SH550 Toll Rates

Where can I get a Fuego Tag?

There are three easy ways to get a Fuego Tag or open an account:

  • Visit
  • Call (956) 621-5571
  • Visit TPS|CCRMA at 3461 Carmen Avenue, Rancho Viejo, TX 78575.

What is a Fuego Tag account?

Fuego Tag account is an alternate method of payment established by TPS|CCRMA for the SH 550 toll road. Fuego tag is available for passenger and commercial vehicles and there is no limit on the number of vehicles that can be registered. To open a Fuego Tag account you will need the vehicle information, an email address, and credit card. You may sign up online at or you may visit the TPS|CCRMA location. Customers that wish to register and pay with cash or check must register in person at the TPS|CCRMA location.

Fuego Tag account holders, will be able to manage their account online, update information such as, Credit or Debit Card information, vehicle information and request new tags. Fuego Tag account also provides you with local customer service at our Rancho Viejo, Texas offices.