Improving More Than Just Roads

Since our creation in 2004, the Cameron County Regional Mobility Authority (CCRMA) has made significant progress to find new and innovative solutions to reduce congestion, improve connectivity, and facilitate economic development within Cameron County. The CCRMA works with the numerous cities in Cameron County and its neighbor to the South, the State of Tamaulipas, to improve mobility at a much more rapid pace. The CCRMA also works very closely with the Texas Department of Transportation on several ongoing projects in Cameron County. The CCRMA has the authority to undertake projects related to highways, rail, air, and seaport.

Improving Quality of Life for South Texas Residents

Our projects are always in the best interest of South Texas residents. We always strive to make our roads safer, reduce congestion, improve air quality, and create efficient transportation solutions.

Improving SAFETY

Since the beginning of the CCRMA our first priority has always been public safety. Our projects provide residents with safer, less congested roads, redirect commercial traffic and HAZMAT vehicles out of residential neighborhoods, add  evacuation routes, and increase emergency response times.

Improving Economic Development

CCRMA projects facilitate economic growth and create jobs. We work hard to deliver the infrastructure needed for international trade in a multimodal region and to generate revenue to sustain a regional transportation network, internationally.

Improving our Community for Future Generations

Our vision is always to develop the proper infrastructure for future generations. The CCRMA makes decisions today to ensure the right progress for the future.


On June 22, 2004 Cameron County Commissioners Court authorized the County Judge to file a petition to the Texas Transportation Commission to create a Regional Mobility Authority (RMA) for the Cameron County area and it was approved by the Texas Transportation Commission on September 30, 2004 . The Commissioners Court formally approved the conditions set forth by the Texas Transportation Commission for the RMA and subsequently appointed the Directors of the RMA. Shortly afterwards, Governor Rick Perry appointed David Allex of Harlingen as the Chairman of the RMA. David Allex served as the Chairman until February 2016. Currently Frank Parker, Jr. of Brownsville serves as the Chairman of the RMA.