Espuela 54

The City of Harlingen, CCRMA, and TxDOT proposed an extension of a project consisting of the reconstruction and widening of a 4-lane divided roadway to a 6-lane divided roadway in Cameron County, Texas. The original project limits were from Chester Park Road to Interstate 69 (I-69) southbound frontage road in Harlingen, Texas, a distance of approximately 1.07 miles.

The proposed new limits are from Chester Park Road to North T Street in, extending the limits by approximately 800 feet to 1.22 miles. This proposed extension remains within the existing right- of-way. Improvements to this section of the project includes the construction of a new storm drain, improvements to the sidewalks, driveways and roadway surface. The project does not include the construction of additional lanes or add capacity to this section of the project.


The project is environmentally cleared and letting is in the Fall of 2018.