SH 550 - Interactive Map

Benefits of SH 550

From I69E (Frontage Rd and I69E) to the Port of Brownsville (SH 48) using SH 550

  • 13 minute drive
  • 11.4 mile stretch
  • Cashless Gantries
  • No stops, intersections, or railroad crossings
  • Less maintenance costs
  • Less travel time to Old Alice Rd., Paredes Line Rd., Dr. Hugh Emerson Rd., and South Padre Island

Average MPG in the U.S.: 25.5
Average Gas Price: $2.01

Gas Spent on SH 550: $0.90
Time Saved: 9mins

Driving on FM 511

From I69E (Frontage Rd and I69E) to the Port of Brownsville (SH 48) using FM 511

  • 22 minute drive with stops (not including railroad crossing)
  • 10.3 mile stretch
  • 10 Stops
  • Railroad Crossing
  • School Zone (1)
  • Congestion Areas - Paredes Line Rd., Dr. Hugh Emerson Rd., Charmain Ln., & State Highway 48 (SH 48)

Average MPG in the U.S.: 25.5
Average Gas Price: $2.01

Gas Spent on FM 511: $1.01
Time Saved: 0mins

Convenient Ways to Pay

SH 550 has 4 cashless gantries and 3 sections.

  • Direct Connector (I69E to Old Alice Rd.)
  • Paredes Line (Paredes Line Rd. to FM 511)
  • Port Spur (Alton Gloor to The Port of Brownsville)

Each gantry accepts, TxTag, PToll™, and Pay By Mail. To maximize the convenience of using SH 550 for your trips, we highly advice you enroll with a TxTag or PToll™ account to avoid paying bills by mail. Vehicles are charged each time they pass through a gantry.

Take advantage of the extreme convenience of using TxTag or PToll™ and save up to 25% on your toll fees. Click either or below to enroll now!

  • TxTag - Electronic Transponder Windshield Sticker
  • PToll™ - Enroll your vehicle using your smartphone

Commercial accounts are also available for business owners that own more than 1 vehicle. Call us at, (956) 621-5571 or email us for immediate assistance.

Commercial Trucking on SH 550

  1. Testimonial

    Joseph De La Garza
    CHEMAS Trucking LLC
    Brownsville, Texas

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  2. Distance Travelled

    SH 550 is a 13 mile stretch that takes you from I69E to the Port of Brownsville

  3. Average Gas Spent

    Gas Spent on SH 550: *$3.53
    Diesel Spent on SH 550: $4.37

  4. Maintanence Costs on SH 550

    Average rate for freight repair service in Texas: $90 per hour
    Total hours of service labor for each component: 42 hours
    Distance traveled per year: 2,990 miles
    Estimated maintenance cost per mile using SH 550: $1.73

  5. Safety & Efficiency

    More than 75% of truck driving accidents are due to the driver of the passenger vehicle. SH 550 diverts commercial traffic from highly transited roads.

  6. Reach Your Destination

    Time saved when using SH 550 in comparison to FM 511:

    • 7mins (7AM-12PM)
    • 12mins (12PM-9PM)
    • 8mins (9PM-Midnight)

  7. Operating Savings

    Less stops, means less wear and tear. Here is a list of all parts you will be saving on maintenance costs if you use SH 550:

    • Steer Wheels
    • Steer Wheels Bearings
    • Steer Brake Pads
    • Drive & Trailer Tires
    • Drive & Trailer Bearings
    • Drive & Trailer Brake Pads
    • Alternator
    • Water Pump
    • Fuel Injectors
    • Shock Absorbers
    • Differential

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