Board Members

The Cameron County Regional Mobility Authority consists of a professional and qualified staff with a variety of specialties, that range from tolling to finance. Feel free to click on any board member or director to send an email. If you would like to submit a general inquiry to the CCRMA please click here.

All correspondence with the Cameron County Regional Mobility Authority is subject to the Texas Public Information Act and will be retained by the agency in accordance with the requirements of the act.

Board Members

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Frank Parker, Jr.
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David N. Garza
Board Member
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Horacio Barrera
Board Member
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Mark Esparza
Board Member
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Michael Scaief
Board Member
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Nat Lopez
Board Member
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Ruben Gallegos, Jr.
Board Member

Administrative Staff

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Pete Sepulveda, Jr.
Executive Director
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Adrian Rincones
Chief Financial Officer
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Blanca Betancourt
Right of Way and Project Coordinator
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Ericka Treviño
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April Romero
Strategic Project Coordinator

Toll Processing Services Staff

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Liz Ponce
Toll Operations Supervisor
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Cristina Alcocer
Toll Operations Assistant Supervisor
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Janett Huerta
Toll Operations Specialist
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Luis Perez
Toll Operations Specialist
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Ema Jaramillo
Toll Operations Specialist
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